Semalt: The Best Database For Storing Web Scraping Data

Postgres is a database used to store large sets of data from web mining and scraping. Recently, Postgres released an inbuilt feature known as JSONB, where "B" stands for binary. If you submit structured data that can be represented as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Postgres parses data and stores the data sets in binary format. If your scraping campaign is JSON based, Postgres is the best data set to consider.

Do Postgres handle Chinese text?

Some webmasters have been raising questions regarding whether Postgres handles Chinese texts. The answer to this question is a big yes. When creating a database, your app and the database driver are two factors that matter a lot. Postgres is a web scraping database that works with the Unicode support. In the process of generating your Postgres database, consider specifying the UTF-8 encoding.

Postgres JSONB vs. NoSQL database

NOSQL is a free and easy to use a database that stores data in an open form. For instance, if you are extracting data on financial markets, you have to be careful about the way your data is stored. This is where the problem comes in. NoSQL database does not comprise of data structure checks. If you miss this step, you end up having data in unreadable formats.

Postgres, on the other hand, allows bloggers and marketers to use data integrity option. Postgres, web scraping database stores, extracted data in binary formats. This database supports both HSTORE and JSON versions.

Postgres performance

Postgres is a top-performing database used to store vast amounts of data extracted in different languages. This database is designed for both searching and filtering results. Postgres JSONB is also known for managing some language characters such as Chinese. Other functionalities of Postgres include:

  • Data extraction with entirely character support;
  • Fast execution of filtering and searching tasks;
  • Storing well-structured data extracted from HTML tags;
  • Retrieving data from scrape sites and storing it in readable formats;

Why Postgres JSONB?

A useful database should optimize indexes and classify data into multiple datasets in real time. Don't let delays and timeouts affect your scraping project. Postgres uses genetic clusters to break down data into various databases for easy retrieval.

Storing data is not all about response time and timeouts. Updating aspect takes it all. Use clusters to load sub-items and disable indexing until you are done packing your data. This helps clients loading multiple datasets at once.

Indexing a common item has never been this easy. With Postgres web scraping database, you can quickly index a common thing by classifying the subject in another row and linking the record using an integer foreign key. Index the foreign key integer to obtain your results.

Do you intermingle both documents and traditional table structures when storing large sets of data? No need to worry about this. Let Postgres JSON B do the work for you. With Postgres web scraping database, no re-parsing is required.

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